Back, back, back again – this time with a review of every blogger’s (or so it seems) favorite leggings.

I know you’ve seen ’em – the leather look-a-like, slightly shiny, semi-metallic black leggings everyone all over your Instagram is wearing, and have been for some time now. My very stylish mother rocks them, too! They’re universally flattering, can be worn dressed up or down, can be worn at least 3/4 seasons, and come in many colors. I can see why they’re so popular!

Every Celebrity Owns a Pair of Pants From This Brand | Fashion ...

Of course, I have a few stylish friends who jumped on the leather leggings band wagon eons ago. My one friend’s brother-in-law tried hers on, and ruined them (she’s very petite) when he stretched them out, and they became see through! A warning to purchase the correct size, I suppose. I was on the fence for a while; I had seen them styled in a very preppy way multiple times, and it just didn’t seem like the look for me. I tend to have more of a grungy, vintage, boho vibe, so I wasn’t sure how I could style them. As you can see by the photo on the left, there are many ways to style these leggings which can fit any vibe!

For me, I did a lot of research (just like I always do) into this cult-like pair of pants. For one, I love high-waisted leggings and know these claim to suck it all in (spoiler alert: they DO!). I also like the black color over the others, but was concerned about “knee scrunching”, aka the baggy knee syndrome that can accompany too-big leggings.

Obviously, you know I wouldn’t shell out $98 for a pair of leggings (ditto for Lululemon – always get them on sale, with a gift card, and using my Sweat Ambassador discount), so I had to shop around. Being a Poshmark Ambassador means I usually have some credit in my account from one campaign or another. I put it on my wardrobe manifesting list and moved on. A couple weeks later, I saw a like-new black pair in my size (I heard they’re TTS, so I ordered a Medium because I am a 6-10, depending on brand) for only $40 on Poshmark.

So, I scooped them up! They arrived a few days later, looking lush and lovely. Like many reviewers said, they’re less leather in person, and more metallic, almost like there’s a metallic sheen to them. In photos, however, they DO look more leather-y, so if that’s an important aspect for you, rest assured that your wishes will be somewhat granted. Because it is currently summer, I don’t have any reason to wear these babies yet, but I did try them on with multiple outfits, and I will admit, they go with almost anything in my closet, which is a good thing!

The 20 Best Faux-Leather Leggings of the Season | Who What Wear

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale sometimes offers a rare opportunity to buy these for a good price, but in general, they don’t seem to go on sale much. However, it’s worth noting that these leggings have amassed over 6,000 reviews and average out at over 4.5 stars, so maybe the price is worth the hype! For me, I can see myself wearing them often once the seasons turn cooler. My mom mainly wears hers on “date nights”, for a fancier feel, but I’m a more casual gal, so that’s how I’ll wear them.

I also like how there are a variety of different ages and body types wearing these leggings; they seem to be universally flattering, and I love the inclusivity of that. After trying mine on, I can confirm they suck you in like whoa, there is no knee baggage, the black was a good choice, and they’re high-waisted. Now that’s a closet staple I’m glad I took the plunge on.

What’s on your purchase list for fall?

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