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I’m writing my second post in a week, who am I? I am thankful to be able to bring you this review of Swedish Hasbeens, as I purchased two pairs during quarantine. These were shoes I’d eyed for years. I love their ’70s vibe, and always admired them on other people.

It’s interesting, this shift into “30s fashion”, per say. I spent a lot of my 20s in tight, going out outfits, boho-chic (the chic is debatable here) items, lots of bangles and huge earrings, over-sized boho bags a la the early 2010s, and black – a lot of black. I spent a lotttt of money at American Apparel during those early years (not the case now – check out what the CEO has been doing …).

Sarah Jessica Parker loves H&M!

I’ve noticed I’m shifting into more comfortable items – boxy tees, loose-fitting jumpsuits, and yoga pants that double as work pants (I see you, Lululemon 7/8 On the Fly pants). I only own two pairs of jeans now, Madewell high-rise skinny jeans and a pair of black jeans. I wear a lot more leggings and oversize sweaters throughout the winter and fall. I only have one pair of heels left in my closet, as opposed to my earlier 20s when this was most of what I wore, besides my two (new to me) pairs of Swedish Hasbeens peep-toe sandals.

SO! Onto the reviews. I wanted a pair of Swedish Hasbeens after 1) growing up watching That ’70s Show, and 2) seeing Sarah Jessica Parker, fashion icon, styling them in a variety of ways to drop her kids off at school. Not that I have kids myself, but Brooklyn Mom fashion is a goal, and clogs seem like a good gateway into that . The first pair I purchased are the Peep-Toe Sky High Platform in a metallic, pearly pink. I wanted more of a traditional, brown leather style, but these ones popped up for $50 on Poshmark, so I figured I’d check them out. After a ton of reviews on Reddit, (my source of all things sizing and quality related for items I’m considering purchasing) it was recommended I go an entire size up, a 39 from a 38, because these shoes tend to run small.

swedish hasbeens Women's Peep Toe Super High Platform Sandal, Pink ...

What I discovered when I purchased a more coral red shade in suede of the same style on eBay was that this was not true for me; they were too big! I’ve been trying to sell them since, for a very reasonable amount, so if you’re a 39, check them out in my Poshmark closet. I have wide feet, so I was surprised this was the case, but oh well. Like I said, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the pearly pink; I tend to be more interested in earth tones with some pops of color, and have never been a ‘pink’ gal, but I am surprised how much I have actually worn these, even in quarantine. I’m considering selling them now that I have purchased the brown pair, though. One thing I have noticed about these, which many reviews noted, is that they are a little LOUD. I feel a bit clonky as I am walking around our hardwood floors. The rubber soles help, but they’re still a bit noisy.

Also, there IS a break in period, and it’s important to know that. Because these are wooden soles, they’re not as forgiving as other shoes I own, so if you have feet issues, this could be a problem for you. I’d say do some heavy research if you’re going to commit, especially if you plan on purchasing them full price. One thing that is EXTREMELY rare is that Swedish Hasbeens is actually having an enormous sale right now, and many styles are on sale for $60-$75, which is amazing considering they’re normally $280ish new. I’m sure they’re cheaper that that on Poshmark sometimes, but not by much. Don’t you see why I jumped at the chance to purchase 2 pairs for less than $100?!

Alright, on to the second pair! As I learned, somewhat of the hard way, that I was a 38 and NOT a 39, I only looked for brown peep-toe Hasbeens in a 38 on both Poshmark and eBay. Luckily, I found a super cheap and gently used version for $40, but I missed the ball and they sold while I was sleeping! I mourned for two days… The thing with preowned shopping is 1) you must jump on the deals, especially when you see they’re from a newer seller (see: my Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 purchase), and 2) you need to check for the item(s) you want every single day because new things are posted all the time. Once I lost the pair I wanted, I searched the sites EVERY SINGLE DAY, waiting for a similar item to pop up, and one day – it DID.

Fredrica - 0

The difference between this pair and my other pair are 1) they’re higher (super high vs. sky high) so they’re slightly harder to walk in or maybe less casual, and 2) the leather is a lot softer so they were a bit more comfortable from the get go. One weird thing I’ve noticed – again, I have wider feet, but the toe box seems a little wider than the other pair, maybe because these have been worn more, but that means the sides of my feet rub a bit. I’m concerned this could leave blisters if I continued to wear them for long periods of time. This could be part of the break in process too.

Anyway, so far, I really enjoy these shoes! I feel like there are a ton of outfit possibilities with them, and maybe once I can go out again, I will wear them a lot more.

celebrities wearing swedish hasbeens - kylie minogue
Kylie Monigue wearing my shoes

Have you ever purchased Swedish clogs?

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