Ah, the elusive Louis Vuitton purse. If you’re like me, well, you’d certainly never pay full price for one! I recently managed to get a Louis Vuitton monogram Speedy 25 purse for FREE, via Poshmark.

That’s right – FREE. If you’re not doing it frugally, why are you doing it?

Let’s back up, shall we?

Two summers ago, I was working a car museum’s annual gala, where tickets were $1,200 each and Jay Leno was the host. More importantly, Louis Vuitton was the presenting sponsor. I lustily watched guests leaving with the token orange gift bags, wondering what was inside. I met the woman who INVENTED LV’s well-known, custom trunk painting, favored by celebrities and socialites, which is free with the purchase of a trunk, of course.

Side note: I DID end up snagging one of those gift bags, thanks to a girl who didn’t get that I was a bartender and not an attendee, and got (2) $250 bottles of LV perfume inside. I love the scents, Dans La Peau, which is designed to smell like the leather of a Louis Vuitton workshop, and LE JOUR SE LÈVE, which smells like a fresh mandarin. I digress…



The artist and I got to chatting. I mentioned how I’d always wanted a designer bag, but am a very practical person, meaning 1) I’d never pay full price for one, and 2) it actually had to fit my lifestyle, not just be pretty. For her, she said the Neverfull was overdone (agreed), BUT it was up to the user to go into the store, and “connect with a bag”. 

Image result for louis vuitton speedy 25 monogram outfit

I connected…with the Speedy 25.

I know you think I am crazy, but hear me out – I’d prefer to have an old bag than a new one. Not falling-apart-decrepit-old, but like…well-loved old. VINTAGE old. 

Well, Audrey Hepburn and I have the same birthday, and for that I “connected” with the Speedy 25. There is so much history behind this purse; it was actually CREATED with Audrey Hepburn in mind, as she requested a smaller version of their infamous duffel, in 1959. How cool is that?! She carried it everywhere, and it was her favorite bag all her life.

So, with the bag in mind, I scoured the internet. The Real Real’s prices, although I love the site, are too high. I also checked other sites, like Tradesy, but wasn’t impressed, either. Another reason to love Poshmark, the sale and purchase of an item is totally a conversation between the user and seller. If you can make an offer, you can negotiate. I “liked” a few bags, checking in every few weeks for MONTHS until one popped up in my price range. 

I am a Poshmark Ambassador, which means I had to jump through a specific set of hoops to gain access to opportunities such as this one. However, if you’re working on that status, or already are an Ambassador, congratulations! This one’s for you.

Poshmark Ambassadors can help to promote the brand by linking their Instagram account to their Poshmark account. Once they’re linked, a user can go into “My Seller Tools” and see “My Campaigns”. From there, Poshmark releases about 4 campaigns a month, for users to share onto their social media accounts. It’s extremely easy to do these campaigns, so long as you follow all the guidelines. Once you’ve done the legwork, Poshmark takes 3-5 days, and $10 of Posh Credit is deposited into your account. Voila! 

I’ve saved up from doing these campaigns for MONTHS, waiting for my perfect bag, you know – “The One”. In the meanwhile, I bought an Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag for $17.99 from The Real Real (retail: $850) to quench my designer bag fever until this one arrives. It was a killer deal, and a boho-style alternative to the Speedy (timeless, practical, and beautiful) for when I’m feeling Kate Bosworth-y.  


It’s cool, just me and Kate Bosworth with the same purse

Anyway, after doing 17 of these campaigns over maybe 4-5 months, I had accumulated a little squirrel stash of Poshmark Credit, $170 worth. I was going to save through another 13 campaigns, to have $300, but then the perfect bag came up, and it was listed for only $175.

It was obvious the seller was newer to Poshmark, and wasn’t totally sure how to price things. After getting inundated with offers and likers, (in a span of 16 hours, she got 22 likes and 10+ comments), she raised the price from $125 to $175, realizing she’d priced it too low. Luckily for me, I read through all the comments (do your research, people; it’s likely someone may have already asked the question you’re dying to know the answer to), and saw she’d told someone else she’d take $145 for the bag.

A classic Louis Vuitton monogram canvas Speedy 25 satchel! Perfect for running around town. Small inside pocket. Zipper is missing some of its leather pull.Well, after buying fake Valentino Rockstuds from Poshmark, I knew better than to just trust someone’s word that an item being sold in their closet was authentic. The seller shared that the bag was purchased from an NYC vintage shop, was made in France of 1991. To make sure this was true, I resorted to Instagram, which has a great online community of stylish resellers who know what’s up when it comes to designer goods.

One of my reseller online-friends is especially great at authenticating designer goods. Almost all of his inventory comes from the Goodwill bins, and is 85% designer. I’ve sent him an LV bag before I was eyeing, and he told me that it was fake, so I didn’t buy it, and trusted his input to help authenticate this NEW (to me) purse.

After closer examination of the Speedy 25,  however, he confirmed it was real. Also, he said it was priced so low, that I should just give it a shot. 

Well, I did – I sent an offer of $140. We battled back and forth, then landed at $150. Sold! 

I paid… ZERO DOLLARS. What the heck?! Thanks to all my Posh credit, I was able to afford this purse just on Instagram posts alone. 

Also, my friend was right in that it’s an authentic Louis Vuitton! I had it authenticated through an online service for only $10. Wow!

Audrey would be oh so proud.


The lesson is: if you want something, patience is a virtue. Don’t impulse shop for the first item you see. Think of a timeless item which you’ll wear again and again and which will add tremendous value to your closet. What item would make every outfit look BETTER? Then, wait, like a snake in the grass, and then strike your prey. I am a true believer in second-hand shopping for (almost, not socks/underwear) all things, and I really think that expensive shoes, bags and jackets elevate an everyday outfit into a stylish light for all to see.

Poshers- go get ‘em! Sign up for Poshmark using my code, IWONBESTDRESSED, and get on your way to a free Louie.



me, super happy about my free Louis Vuitton



2 thoughts on “How I scored a Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 for Free on Poshmark

    1. aww I love you too! Yes, the bag’s pretty sweet. I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not because Louis Vuitton leather is coated for durability and thus feels a little plastic-y, but now I really love it. The cute leopard scarf helps! :* XOXOX


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