It’s finally here! My long-awaited Fall and Winter Capsule post. Ironically, I have edited this down even further since I have created this (extremely time-consuming to make) collage above, but I will talk about that in further detail below. For now, onward!

First things I must mention, it’s imperative if you’re in any way thinking of creating a capsule wardrobe to severely edit your closet first. After doing that, take a closer look at the things you’ve kept, and ask yourself why you’re keeping them. Also, decide season per season your goal; is it warmth? Comfort? Style? Are you going for vintage, Dita Von Teese inspired aesthetic? Whatever it is, write it down, and soldier on.

After the bags are mailed into Tradesy or Goodwill, you shop; this is the best part! Fill in the gaps in your wardrobe. Many people use this as an opportunity to color coordinate their capsules. For example, many Instagrammers make a color coordinated wardrobe by season. For me, I get too bored if I am only wearing one color. For now, as this is my first official capsule, I decided I would keep what I like, and add some classics in (white t, plain sneakers, etc) that I was missing.

Also, a trench coat is not a necessity just sayin’. Unless you live in Seattle or London where it rains constantly, don’t think this is a “wardrobe staple”. I have one, and I barely wear it, except for special occasions when I need something dressier than a basic winter coat.

(I chose to combine my Fall and Winter capsules, as I live in New England, and the seasons tend to be pretty similar, temperature-wise, but you can separate them, depending on your location’s climate, and the amount of items you have!)

Now, onto the capsule!

  1. Sorel Winter Boots
  2. Frye Engineer Boots in Black
  3. Black Skinny Jeans
  4. Everlane high-waisted skinny jeans
  5. leather skirt
  6. gray v-neck casual dress
  7. sheer patterned top
  8. black cashmere v-neck sweater
  9. Adidas Advantage sneakers
  10. Chloe Lauren Flat in nude* (sold on Poshmark; half a size too big!)
  11. Black leather biker jacket
  12. classic white t-shirt
  13. L.L. Bean flannel-lined corduroy button-up
  14. Everlane navy and white striped casual dress(switched to summer capsule)
  15. J. Crew gray blazer
  16. ALO yoga gray long-sleeve top
  17. Stuart Weitzman black suede Lowland boots
  18. American Apparel disco pants
  19. denim jacket
  20. camel coat
  21. BB Dakota navy trench coat*
  22. Eddie Bauer black puffy down vest
  23. Frye Jackie Button leather boots
  24. Altar’d state blue tunic top
  25. black and white striped long sleeve top
  26. gray short sleeve t shirt
  27. Zella black high-waisted “live in” leggings
  28. Free People orange burnout t-shirt
  29. black crew neck t -shirt
  30. Madewell plaid button-up flannel
  31. J.Crew high-low button up silk shirt
  32. Aran Islands Irish wool fisherman’s sweater
  33. Eddie Bauer down jacket* (swapped for warmer)
  34. Burton camouflage snowboard jacket*
  35. white jeans*
  36. Burton long knit button-up sweater*
  37. black and white short sleeve striped t-shirt
  38. Kate Spade “Eat Cake for Breakfast” tote
  39. Dooney & Bourke vintage leather purse
  40. Waterfall cardigan
  41. J. Crew crewneck long sleeve blue top
  42. Cloth & Stone leopard chambray top
  43. Blue cashmere sweater
  44. Nine West patent leather slides*(recently added and not shown)
  45. black cashmere cardigan
  46. Coach black leather vintage classic purse
  47. Kut From the Kloth medium wash boyfriend jeans
  48. J.Crew city jeans in medium wash
  49. J.Crew Minnie pants in black
  50. J. Crew dressy pants
  51. Frye Harness boots
  52. Frye Sabrina boots
    (* indicates this item was removed from the capsule)

This is my Fall/Winter capsule, and as you can see by my notes, it’s an ongoing project! In addition to these items, I have silver hoop earrings, a thin gold bracelet and necklace, and small pearl earrings I regularly accessorize with. I think while creating capsules in the future, I will choose more versatile pieces, not like the waterfall cardigan or Burton knit sweater, so I can wear them again and again. Some items, like my Chloe flats or Burton ski coat, were removed because I got the sizing wrong when I ordered them, so I sold them. Other items, like the white jeans, were removed because I just didn’t wear them.

Items I would add to my Spring/Summer capsule:

  • a new plain bikini, as I only have patterned or old ones.
  • a classic white, v-neck t-shirt, as I only have a white crewneck cropped one.
  • “grown up shorts”, i.e. not short-shorts- I have limited shorts options.
  • a smaller pair of boyfriend jeans, my KFTK jeans are now too big!
  • a v-neck black t-shirt, as I only have a crewneck one.
  • more casual dresses; I was surprised at how much I wore the ones above!
  • black loafers

Here are the most worn items from my Fall/Winter Capsule:

  • Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots
  • Zella high-waisted “live-in” leggings
  • Altar’d State blue tunic
  • Frye harness boots
  • Kut From the Kloth boyfriend jeans
  • black and white striped long-sleeve top
  • Adidas sneakers
  • L.L. Bean corduroy top
  • Sorel boots
  • Frye engineer boots
  • Black v-neck cashmere sweater

There you have it!

In addition to these items, I have my long silk pajamas, short silk nightgown, and favorite Nick & Nora rose flannel pajamas. I have NOLI, Zella, Athleta and Burton leggings. My Zella leggings are my favorite, as noted, but since I wear them so much for my everyday wardrobe, I don’t want to use them in my athletic wardrobe, too. As I have been working out a lot, my body composition has changed enough where I need to purchase new athletic gear. Also, I work out a lot, so things get worn out pretty quickly! As noted in my Capsule Wardrobe post, though, these items aren’t included in the capsule wardrobe considerations list, nor are underwear or socks, although I update those, too, when adding to my capsule!

If you have questions on building a capsule wardrobe of your own, or updating your style profile, let me know.

What’s in your Fall or Winter Capsule? 

(note: some of these items are no longer available, so I have linked to the item on Ebay or Poshmark, or to a similar item)

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